Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How About Some Time Travel?

Now is the time for my first post about my recent trip to New York. Yes, I went to New York. The Big Apple. But why did i go, you may ask? Of course for the shopping and museum going and because I simply adore that city, but I also had an alternative motive. During that fantastic week my social agenda was stuffed full with dates at Trend Forecasting Shows (such as Texworld and Print Source). At these shows I learned all about the upcoming styles for spring/summer 2014 (yes, next year!), which I will save for some other time. Today, I would like to share with you what I learned about the styles for the spring/summer of 2013 during the recap section of the shows. Today's highlight is the 60's! Yes boys and girls, the 60's! In the upcoming months expect to see much more of those classic looks seen in the early 1960's (think Madmen). This of course will show itself in a subtle way, we are not actually going to start mimicking Jackie Kennedy or Twiggy, I mean if you want to by all means do, but it will show itself in a 21st century way. Would you like to know how to be "in the know" with this trend? Well follow me my dear friends and I shall show you how

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. The head. I would say try to aim for BIG HAIR. Consider using big curlers or soda cans to create a loos curl and then tease the heck out of it. But make sure it remains smooth looking (we don't want a rats nest on top of your head). If you feel more like an up do, consider a french twist. Nothing too crazy, just simple and classic. If you want to be very committed you could always try the beehive.
 everyday 60's hair

the beehive

Images from a 60's Vogue
Now for makeup. You'll want to go for big eyes and pale, translucent skin. This means lots and lots of mascara, maybe even some false eyelashes, and highlighting your eyelid crease with the cat eye look. Everything else should be rather pale; pale skin (if you can) and pale lips, nude or light coral lip stick. Top it off with nude or coral nail polish
See how striking her eyes are?
The biggest inspiration for makeup was Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in 1962
Did you know that Elizabeth had two layers of eyelashes due to a rare heart disease?

How 'bout we get dressed now. We are going to stay quite conservative and simple from the 50's but with a few changes. This means shirt waist dresses, turtle necks (YAY!), pencil skirts, blouses, and tailored jackets. Stay away from flashy colors and patterns and instead stick with pastels and simple floral patterns. For skirts (pants didn't start to be really worn by women until the later half part of the decade) and jackets try navy, tweed, and dark browns.
WHen in doubt, just go for a pencil skirt and a blouse.
This of course is a picture from Madmen, not actually the 60's

An old McCall's Pattern 
Jackie is always a good role model

Another old pattern
Twiggy is a good inspiration too, though this is from a little later in the decade
Once again, the style stayed pretty close to those in the end of the 50's. Try for classic pumps in nudes, pastels, and deep colors or saddle shoes. Remember to always match your purse with your heels!

Saddle Shoes, I wish I had these…

THese are actually from Polyvore, but I thought they looked appropriate

How Cute!
Just think Breakfast at Tiffany's. Pearls and simple diamonds.
Definitely top it off with a cat, that certainly makes for a classic look

Are you all ready now to go out looking like you jumped right out of the early 1960's, I sure hope you are! If you are interested in learning more, please get inspiration from Twiggy, Sharon Tate, Pattie Boyd, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

I will leave you now with this darling picture of Twiggy
isn't she adorable?

"Grand Central Station, and step on it, darling"

tata for now!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wanted: Spring Weather and Perfect Rain Boots

I know it may still be January (January 20th in the year of our lord 2013) to be precise, but I am starting to get quite anxious for spring. It may be because it hasn't snowed in basically forever or because it was 60° yesterday or maybe because I want the school year to be done and to get on with my life (which is why I am not doing homework right now and instead talking to you lovely people). Well, whatever the reason is, I desperately want it to be spring. So, of course, I have started to snoop around online for those things which I would like to add to my closet for those blessed springy months.
I just got back from New York (more on that later) and while I was there, I found a fantastic sale at C. Wonder  and got an amazingly beautiful trench coat for only $75! I, of course, bought it. It will be perfect for spring and when I move to San Francisco in the fall.
It is a beautiful camel color with a pink, cream, and navy plaid lining. Now, naturally, I am on the hunt for the perfect rain boots. I found them. On Pinterest. Which means, I can't find them in any actual useful website, but I will prevail! I will find them! And when I do I will buy them and we shall be happy and jump in puddles together until the end of our days.
Pink Hunters of course!!!

If you have any information about these lovely boots, please let me know. I absolutely must have them (hehehe my greedy little heart is glowing).

Now I really must get back to my English homework, why do you keep distracting me?! honestly, it is almost as if you want me to fail at life. 

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Now, Heart Of Darkness and my dear friend Joseph Conrad await.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Les Misérables

I am quite sure that by now all of us have seen that amazing new movie Les Miserables. And it was amazing wasn't it? Being raised in the theatre I am quite critical when it comes to movies and musicals and reproductions and what not, but I can say truthfully that this was one of the best films I have ever seen. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it (which is saying something because I usually can find something to critique in everything). Of course, the producers had it in their favor that they started with probably one of the best pieces of literature in the world, Victor Hugo being absolutely fabulous and a god among writers (even though reading his work, especially in french--which I have done--can be incredibly difficult). And even though not everyone in it had amazing voices, I think that the sincerity in which they sung made up for it and it was more meaningful and beautiful than if they were the best singers in the world. Then of course, the set was beautiful and transported me right to 1835 Paris, I even felt as though I could smell the stench. I was even impressed with how the actors' teeth were stained, because I always get annoyed when people who are supposed to be dyeing of starvation or TB have perfectly straight, white teeth. But above all, being the fashion connoisseur that I am, I loved the costuming. Every character had a costume that summed up their entire being–from the colors to the perfectly placed tares and tatters. This of course got my little brain whirring and I began to think about what they would look like today? What would it look like if here, in the middle of 2013, our dear friends the French revolutionaries turned up and tried to over through the government (again)? This is what I came up with:
Here we have the beautiful Amanda Seyfried as Cosette as photographed by Vogue. She looks perfectly demure and innocent does she not?
Here I have Cosette in a proper, conservative white dress with two stripes on the bottom.

Now we have the stunning and talented Samantha Barks playing poor Éponine. First, can we just look at that waist?! That thing is amazing! 

To serve as a stark contrast to Cosette, I would place Eponine in a very Bohemian harlem pant overall outfit with a red bandeau underneath. Definitely with some fun patches to add a sense of authenticity. 

Finally we have rich boy gone rogue, Marius played the handsome Eddie Redmayne. I do love a good revolutionary. mmmmm

Now I put Marius in a slightly more ruffed up look, like maybe he just came out of the barricade after fighting hand to hand with a king's solider. Her he is wearing an old vest with gold buttons, some nice lblack leather pants, and a torn up dress shirt. And of course his Tri-Coloure pin and cravat. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rendition of a small sampling of the Les Mis cast as they would be today. If you would like to see some more Les Mis inspired fashion, go to this pinterest page (it isn't mine, but it sure is cool) les mis fashion
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And don't you forget mes amis, to love another person is to see the face of God. May the story of Les Miserables be a good reminder to you of the good within this world and that there is always hope for redemption. 

Love you all!