Artistic Happenings

This is a page of my art. Although not exactly fashion, I still thought it was relevant for my blog because fashion is art and these pieces are art–so, now we can become well rounded people by appreciating all kinds of art!

"The Fires of Joan"
A satin dress to represent Joan of Arc being burned at the stake

"12 Dancing Princesses"
oil on canvas
"The Birth of Aphrodite"
leather mask painted with acrylic

"The Pain of Oedipus"
leather mask with lace and acrylic

"Persephone's Dual"
leather mask with fabric and lace

"Madusa's Rage"
leather mask painted with acrylic
"Athena's Storm"
Leather Mask with fabric and acrylic 
"A Greek Chorus of masks"
Leather Masks representing Greek mythology

"Beauty Knows No Age"
A Cornell box made of a drawer 
"My Back Story"
sanguin chalk and india ink

"Do You See Me Now?"
sanguin chalk and india ink

"Where They Will Take Me, I Will Go."
sanguin chalk and india ink
"My Hands"
sanguin chalk and india ink

"Silent Noyes"
A "pub sign" made of brazed steel, chains, and wood painted with oil paint based on the poem "THe Highway man" by Alfred Noyes.

"To Neverland We Go"
gouache and pen
"On the Steps of the Palace"
Acrylic on wood

"Who Will Join Our Sinful Teaparty?"
digital photography representing the seven deadly sins: vanity, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, and wrath

"My Soul--a Self Portrait"
mixed media

"Tchaicovsky's Swan"
Satin, tulle, beads, and pearls ballet costume

"What Time is It?"
Acrylic on canvas

"The Robin Who Showed the Way"
Acrylic on canvas

"What Does the Horizon Hold?"
colored pencil

"For Who Shall Eat of This Fruit Shall Surly Die"
Text, Acrylic, and encaustic wax on wood

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