Monday, April 30, 2012

SHORTS! oh those fickle things...

Summer has arrived here in Colorado (well at least for today, we never can be sure with our weather) and all my fellow High School girls have broken out the shorts.  Now there are all types of shorts, short shorts, Bermuda shorts, high wasted shorts, mid thigh shorts, up the butt shorts, yeah you get it. Well what kind of shorts should you, and I, wear? To short or not to short? That is the question. I personally do not look very good in shorts (too much booty and not enough leg) but I hold a high respect for those of you who do have nice legs and can wear those summer pant replacers. Well, shall we take a look at some shorts, good and bad? I think yes.
I love these ones. Perfect for looking nice-ish in the Summer, but not dressed up. AND the perfect length

Ver cute. I love the stripes, but i would prefer them high wasted

while these are very cute, and lace is very "in" please do not wear them in public, as everything about you will be very public if you do

i like these. high wasted and baggy. 

too short. DO NOT wear these.

ahhhh, high wasted and with bows or lace! Perfect for a sweet look.

Unless you are a major hick, have stick thin legs, no butt, and are planning on doing some very naughty things, please do not wear these.

And Finally my favorito! the sailor short! I like these because they work with my curves ;) and they work on those of you with less booty than I have too! perf!

All of these pictures I found on Pinterest, if you likey them, follow me on pinterest! (click on the P button to the right —>)

Also, if you disagree with my taste in shorts, I support your opinions, but please do not be rude about it in the comment area, because this Blog is a place for neutrality. Like Belgium. or Switzerland. 

Have a fabulous day/night/week/life
Hasta Lasagna! Don't get it on ya! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last Night

I am sore, tired, look like a car wreck, have a headache like athena is banging the inside of my head, and woke up at 1 pm. Yep, last night was prom. It was so very fun but of course my favorite part was the dresses (and the food, especially the chocolate fountain at after prom). There were some absolutely BEAUTIFUL dresses and some AWFUL dresses. I am posting some pictures of my friends and I, because we were all beautiful, but it would be a little awkward to post pictures of the awful dresses because I don't take pictures of people I don't know at school...I might get beat up.
bffs! the princesses and the goddess

(from left to right) sparkles, goddess, fairy, princesses, hawii

we had a whole array of dresses from high-low dresses to princess dresses

and as for the boys...well although it seems like boy styles never change, I would just suggest you try to stay away from the creepy old man type white suits... but otherwise they looked quite smashing!

A word of advice for future prom goers:

  1. Going with friends, instead of a date, is a lot of fun. However, during slow dances you may feel a bit awkward and have to pull a Luna Lovegood (spinning in circles in the middle of the dance floor with your arms above your head by yourself)
  2. After Prom is a lot more fun than prom prom 
  3. chocolate fountains are delicious
  4. lingerie tape is your new best friend 
  5. hair spray is fabulous (but of course all of us girls know that)
  6. "you are beautiful" and "i love your dress" will be said more times than you can count in those 3-5 hours, maybe try to come up with some more original adjectives like maybe appealing, comely,  or pulchritudinous 
  7. although purple and lime green cheetah and zebra print dresses may be in style now, what do you think your children will think when they see your prom pictures in 20 years?
  8. keep it classy, don't drink before prom (that is just dumb), don't drink after prom (that is dumb too), and have FUN
Asta lasagna don't get it on ya!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


*Disclaimer* this post has nothing to do with fashion or about what I did today. It is about cats. This week has been really stressfull and I find the only thing that calms me down is my cat. His name is mr. Darcy, but we call him fatty because he is obese.
This is Fatty. Say Hi to Fatty

Fatty feels shy
Also, while I was supposed to be writing my french paper I got distracted on youtube (that evil black hole of procrastination) and found this video. It is fabulous. and it is in french so it was sorta like I was doing french homework...sorta.

Not only do I just love this video because of the cat, but i also love the frenchness of it and the style. I think tomorrow I shall dress frenchy!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday. Happy hump day!!

So although I promised to post pictures every day this week, I failed. I have however dressed very cutely the past two days, so I didn't fail on that account.
So we are halfway through my awful awful week and I can see the distant horizon. And what might that horizon be? Prom of course! Yes my chums, prom is this Saturday!
Well anyway, I am posting my outfit for today because I liked it very much.

The shirt is from h&m (made out of organic cotton!)
I made the skirt, it has a BIG lace bow on the back because bows are fabulous
Purple ruffle socks from topshop
Brown heels from Dillard's
I think I spilled some orange juice on my shoe (dark spot)
back. BOW
not the best picture of me, just focus on the clothes

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TODAY. is a great day.

This week is going to be awful. Just awful. So, in order to brighten my spirits (without actually drinking any spirits) I have decided to wear a really cute outfit everyday, and if I have time, post a picture here. I started today, even though today actually isn't one of my awful days because it is Sunday and Sunday can never be truly awful.
Black Beret
Black baby doll chiffon shirt from Forever 21
Long pearls
Pink pants from Zara
Black Bow belt from H&M
white ruffle socks from H&M
black heels from I don't know
Black ruffly jacket
Sorry if you cannot see the details very well,
I was going to be late for church and didn't have time for  a better photo
Close up on my feet. There are black bows on the back of my shoes : )

All though I only wore this outfit for like 2 hours, for church and brunch, it still counts as today's cute outfit because I don't want to post a picture of what I am currently wearing (huge sweatpants and a huge sweater and slippers)

Well that is it for today. I must now crack down on my homework or I risk failing chemistry which means my life will be over.


Friday, April 13, 2012

May the odds by ever in your favor! or in your closet?

I love The Hunger Games. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Not quite as much as I love Harry Potter but definitely more than The Old Man and the Sea, except frankly any book is better than that boring, boring book which in my opinion should be removed from all reading lists. But that is besides the point. Hunger Games is, on my list, in between Lord of the Rings and  The Great Gatsby which are, of course, all below Harry Potter. So, after my rant, let us, as my french friends say, "Retournons a nos moutons" (return to our sheep). So I saw the HG movie again tonight with my mother and I decided that it would be interesting to transport the capitol and district styles into our everyday styles, because it would not really be appropriate to die our skin green or wear really ratty clothing covered in coal.

District 1, couldn't you just see Glimmer wearing this? from Modcloth

District 11, the farmy people. To me this just screams farmy people and Rue. love it. Modcloth

oooo colors!! this is of course for the Capitol! Bright denim from Guess 
More for those who wish to be snotty rich people who enjoy watching children kill each other. Versace for H&M

More for those "Capitolites". Versace for H&M
Denim dresses for District 12! I don't know why but I just imagine Katniss in a denim dress, although that probably is not the best for hunting in...

And more for Katniss. Denim, boots, and plaid, how out doorsy

Well that is just about all I have to say on that subject and I should probably get to bed now. Tell me what you think about my HG fashions, are there any districts you would like to add? or any other books/ movies you want to see how to dress like without buying a costume to look like a wizard or elf or princess? (but if you are so inclined, by all means go get your self a costume. you just might lose some friends)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jolly Old London

As you know, well you might not know actually, but I was in London for 7 days for spring break. It was absolutely the bees knees. Well while I was there I noticed how totally different London is from my little town of Golden, CO. It is even extraordinarily different from Denver. Maybe it is a little like New York, but in my opinion even BETTER—it really is possible apparently to find something better than New York. SO, among the many things that separate us and our friends across the pond are fast transportation underground that makes you feel like a mole, drinking tea in the afternoon (and morning and mid day and night time and really any time) is a must, they really do say "darling" and "love" and "blimey" and "toilet"(not restroom or bathroom, ever!), everyone has a british accent, except for fellow tourists, and they are the cheesy fake type accents, and of course, they all dress better than us yanks! (especially the men, dear lord why can't American men dress like European men?)
So, let me begin my chat on British styles

Pastels. When I was packing my bags for my trip I thought everyone would be wearing black and grey and black and maybe some more black. Well how wrong was I? of course they probably do wear black and black during winter, but when I was there it was 70 degrees (Fahrenheit of course) every day and sunny (very strange for London btw). Anyways, every where it was pastels, pastels, and more pastels! pastel blue! pastel pink! pastel purple! pastel yellow! pastel white! (yes that is possible) shall we take a look at some of these pastels? I think yes  
    (Pastel) Styles from Zara, a British clothing company
    I happened to buy a pair of pastel pink pants at Zara
Lace. At least on the teen girl styles, everything had lace on it. Very pretty and very feminine. I like a lot. J'aime beaucoup the lace.  
A lace dress from Miss Selfridge,
a fabulous, fabulous store kind of like Forever 21 but
WAY WAY better (and much more expensive)
Layers. Okay well maybe this picture is a bit of an exaggeration, but still layering is quite the style in London. 
This is an ad for a European company called the "French Connection"
which has quite cool ads, and cloths, you should look them up

Ruffle Socks. I like ruffle socks. Brits like ruffle socks too. I bought 6 pairs. YAY
so cute! right?

Hats. Well, after the Royal Wedding I guess there was no question whether or not hats are IN style in the UK. But boy oh boy do they have quite amazing hats.
you just can't talk about the British without at least mentioning the Queen!
Isn't she adorable?

Now you know exactly how to dress like you just stepped off the plane from the UK right? Well if not here are some websites for British stores (you might not actually be able to buy anything from them but might as well look) and just remember you can NEVER be TOO stylish, because I am a pretty stylish girl (not to be too modest or anything) and in London I felt pretty drab sometimes. So take a look. Have fun. 
Top Shop

I know I had something else to talk about but I forgot... oh yeah!!  I bought a prom dress! want to see it? of course you do!!
well here it is ( i left it in link form so it is a surprise, don't you just love surprises, i know i do!)

Tata for now mates!