Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Shoot Fall 2011

So today I did a photo shoot with my sister of some of my favorite outfits. I love doing photo shoots, you should try them some time
a flowy shirt and maxi skirt make a comfy elegant outfit

very forties, a cute dress and cute military jacket

cutsy but still mature and modest

a sun dress belt and wedge shoes look good for a summer flair in fall

cropped pants a flowy shirt and a pair of oxfords definitely reminisce the styles of our friends across the pond.

a linen shirt/dress with a belt and cow girl boots looks very countryish

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Short Post on the School Dress Code Issue

So for any one who goes to school with me and was with me today, you will already know the issue that I have with the school dress code. So today I was wearing a tan jean mini skirt, a pink and purple baby doll t-shirt, a purple cardigan and a pink bandanna tied in a bow as a head band. As I was running to class, thinking I was going to be late, some mean scary teacher guy who walks around the hallways being mean told me that I "need to get that thing off of my head because bandannas are not allowed" well because I was running to class and wouldn't have time to stop in a bathroom and fix my hair I left my headband bandanna on. Well, half way through English Mr. Mean Guy walks in to my class and says that he needs to speak to me in the hallway. He told me that I would have to remove my bandanna or be sent to the principle's office. Really dumb right? yeah.
Well here is my issue with the school dress code. Now I understand that bandannas at some point were gang related, but that was like 10 years ago. Also my bandanna was PINK FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! I looked more like Rosie the Riveter than a gang member. Also as I was walking down the hallway I saw a guy wearing a bright pink shirt with sequins on it that said "I want to see you pea-cock", why is he allowed to wear that shirt and I can't wear my headband?! Also many girls walk around school with their bellies showing, their bras showing, and one girl even wears see through clothes and has a play boy bunny tattoo on her ankle. Boys walk around with their pants around their knees and I'm sure many of them are wearing gang paraphernalia, but I'm not really up to date on what gangs wear so I can't be sure.
So needless to say, I think that the school system needs to re evaluate their dress code. They should also hire a fashion police person because what some people wear these days is just very odd.

I put back on my bandanna the second I walked outside of the school.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Be Classy Now Ladies

Know what really annoys me? When girls complain about how boys and other girls treat them like they are sluts. But have they ever stopped and looked in the mirror? Maybe the reason people treat them like they are skanky is because they dress that way. I do not mean to sound like a grand mother, but I just have to say that girls these days have lost all sense of class. Now I know it is a big word, five whole letters, wow, but I think that all of us could learn something from this word.
Okay so CLASS. We are going to take this one letter at the time, however we will not be focusing on the last three letters all together because that is one particular part of the body we do not want to see. Now. Let's start with the C—Coverage and Cleavage. We shall Cover our Cleavage. Wearing shirts that show major amounts of cleavage—making you look like you have the grand canyon on your chest—is not okay, really ever. That is of course unless you have minimum boobage and wear dresses like Jennifer Anniston or Kate Winslet on the red carpet. If you wear a shirt that is low cut then wear more conservative, longer, skirt or pants. Next letter L. L is for Length, skirts and shorts should not show any part of your buttocks and shirts should not show your belly. However if you feel like wearing a shorter skirt, then wear a more conservative shirt. A is for Audience. Think about who your Audience is—who is going to see you in your clothes? Having a family dinner you should wear something conservative that shows only an acceptable amount of skin. If you're going to be around a lot of men don't wear something that will temp every man near you to touch you (yuuuuccckkkkkyyyy). But if you're at school or work you can wear something that is a mix of conservative and cute and maybe some sexy (you don't need to dress like a nun). This brings us to our next letters. S and S stand for Sexy and Stylish. Sexy has many meanings but I do not mean the kind of sexy that make men go cookoo. I mean beautiful, classy sexy (since beautiful starts with a b it didn't really fit in the class acronym). Sexy has a sense of mystery behind it, so be a bit mysterious. Don't go showing off all of you goods because then all the mystery is gone, which is sad. A GOOD sexy lady example is Marilyn Monroe. A BAD sexy lady is, I have to say, Kim Kardashian (she just shows a little too much skin to be in the Classy category). Stylish—a classy girl is always up to date with the styles. So you need to do research, read some magazines and look at European styles, and become STYLISH and then you can become CLASSY.
For some good examples of classy women (not all from today) take some tips from these women, my role models:
Audrey Hepburn
Lady Diana
Jacqueline Kennedy
Kate Middleton
Nicole Kidman
Emma Watson (I personally really love her)
Elizabeth Taylor
Natalie Portman
Taylor Swift
Anne Hathaway

I hope this was useful. If not thats okay. And being classy is a life style so make sure to act classy too. But if you don't want to be classy then go straight ahead, but please stop complaining about being called a skank, harlot, tart, ho, Hester Prynne, etc.

Thank You and good night

Monday, August 15, 2011

Taking some advice from Kate

Kate Middleton. Say what you will about that lady but you have to admit she has class, and I like a classy lady. The fashion tip I want to pull from her wardrobe is HATS! I absolutely adore hats (say that in a british accent. it's fun). Today I was in Target with my sister and in the accessory apartment I saw like a million hats--well not quite a million but a bunch. So judging by the numerous amount of hats I have seen recently, I give the royal wedding credit for this, I must say they have come back into style. Now I'm not talking about just hats for cold days that make everyone look either like a marshmallow, a skier, or an Eskimo, but the beautiful ones that look like they were pulled straight out of the 20s to 40s time period. Now for some history, Hats became very popular in the states during the great depression and into WWII because money was short and the only way women could dress up their outfits was by adding some hat-idge. Anyway, HATS. Hats are fabulous accessories because they are just so individual and make quite a statement. I encourage every girl that has a bit of fashion courage to try on a hat, and maybe buy it, at some cool hat store. Hats are classy, classy is good and beautiful, and believe me you will be noticed and people will think that you are a very fashionable person.
A Guide to Hats:

  • On a hot sunny summer day try a big brimmed sun hat
    • i've noticed these look very good on people with heart shaped faces. (If you don't know what shape face you have look here
  • If you're feeling girly and feminine try a bell hat or a cute bucket hat (NOT THE KIND OLD MEN WEAR TO GO FISHING) but a cute one, preferably in a pretty color--I have a purple one.
  • If you want to look like you're from the 20s wear a cloche hat, looks good with short hair
  • If you're feeling like a tom boy person there are three hats you could try: a Gatsby hat, a fedora, or an ascot hat
  • If you're going to a fancy occasion and want to stick out try a beret type hat with some lace/netting that covers part of your face or a feather--but be careful with feathers they can get strange
  • some hats to avoid wearing are shakos, turbans, sombreros, fezes, kolpiks, and hard hats--of course if you would like to wear any of these please go for it, I just don't know how many people will want to talk to you.
  • for more types of hats (not all fashionable ones though) go to this link   YAY WIKIPEDIA! 
So yeah, that's Hats. Remember though, the point is to look like my good friend Princess Kate not her cousin in law Beatrice.


Don't be scared. You don't have to go as full out as Kate, start with some simple bows in your hair and then slowly move up to fashion hats, take baby steps. One step at a time. 

Tata for now!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Beginning

So I used to have this other blog called "pure beauty" but I didn't really know what I was doing with that--I still don't really know what I'm doing but thats okay, so I decided to make a new blog. On this blog I will be talking about my favorite topic EVER, which is of course fashion. On here I will be posting pictures of my designs and giving tips and stuff like that. But today I don't really have anything to talk about. So now I'm just kinda rambling on. So... If you want to follow PLEASE DO! I will be posting every weekend (hopefully). Here are some pretty things to entertain you if you are reading this...

 roses and shoes! perfect combo

cake. cake is good. and this one is pretty too : )

 shoes are fabulous all the time

 everything alexander mcqueen does is magical

 beds make people pretty and this one makes me want to sleep

tiaras = diamonds = girls best friends. and princesses

ryan reynolds is a very beautiful man