My Little Collection of Joy

I started sewing when I was about 8 years old. I now design, pattern, and sew many of my own clothes, this allows me to have a collection of completely unique clothes that are made to fit my body and personality. This brings me joy.
My signature style is the "cupcake" skirt, which you will see through out the pieces (for more information on this style, refer to the post "Being a Cupcake")

"On the Highlands"
Plaid Canvas Pencil Skirt

"A Day on the Moor"
Wool Plaid Wrap Skirt with Kilt pin

"Send out the Hounds"
wool hounds tooth pencil skirt

"Gobble Gobble"
Turkey skirt for Thanksgiving–cotton

"Ah, C'est Vrai"
Black corduroy and Paris Print canvas "cupcake" skirt

"Camping Skirt"
Canvas (from old camping bags) cupcake skirt

"La Beauté de la Vie"
Canvas paris print pencil skirt

"Whimsical Wanderings"
Cotton cupcake skirt with lace bow on back

"Fall Term"
Wool Pencil Dress

"Birds are Singing"
(made from an old shower curtain) Signature cupcake dress

"Time For Tea"
Cotton cupcake dress 

"Never Too Old"
Fairy tale Cotton cupcake dress 

"Think Pink"
Pink and white polka dot and navy cupcake dress with sleeves

"Safari Sun"
Cotton Cupcake Dress

Cotton Cupcake Dress with sleeves

"Sunflowers of June"
Cotton Cupcake Dress

"Almost Alice"
Linen Cupcake dress with puffed sleeves

"Lace Macarons"
Light blue sating and lace cupcake dress

"Blues Ahoy"
blue Seersucker dress with pleated bodice and cupcake skirt

"Marilyn's Roses"
cotton floral 50's style dress

All images are the property of Mary Justice McNeil, owner of Toast and Roses

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