Saturday, February 25, 2012

Les Françaises, ils sont fabuleux oui?!

Les Françaises, les plus fashionable dans le world. They have always been the best. Clothes wise. In wars and foreign affairs, not so much. Marie-Antionette, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, et cetera (c'est un mot francias aussi!). Shall we look at the histoire de franch fashion? I think oui!

we start avec la renaissance. A time of castles and kings.

tres uncomfortable non? I wouldn't fancy walking around in layers of brocades and boning and wiring and padding and fur and on top of that jewels and gold and other shiny things. Would definitely make going to the bathroom a nuisance .

Now the 17th siècle (century) Just think the Three musketeers and you are set.

Je pense que les men look more girly than the girls do.

Le temps de Marie Antoinette! (Before her head rolled). Big wigs, white powder, corsets, big "paniers" (basket skirts), huge hats, and overall prettiness (but not necessarily comfortable)


Le Premier Empire—the time of Jane Austen, just french style. le Pride et le prejudice! Much softer, thinner, and lighter fabrics. The "Empire Waist" and curly hair and ballet slippers. 

Tres belle si tu veux mon opinion.

La Belle Epoque 1890-1910 ish. la commencement of everything new. S silhouettes, puffy sleeves, corsets, high neck AND low neck.

Les Années Folles!!!!! The twenties, CHANEL (ma favorite), bobbed hair, the little black dress, et pantalons (sacre bleu)!!!!

There is so much more I could tell you about l'histoire française, mais quelle domage, I must now finish my homework. Just remember, the French are the most fashionable people dans le world. Alors, wear black and black and some more black and you might pass off as as fashionable as le french!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl here. Spotted M looking pretty fashionable while doing some retail therapy. But is it possible that she too take tips from B and S?

It is true. I too enjoy watching some mindless TV and my new favorite show is Gossip Girl. The drama, the New Yorkness, the fancyness, the plotting and revenge, and of course the CLOTHES!! Recently I have been trying to fashion my clothes after those of Blair, Serena, and Jenny. Today while shopping I definitely felt like one of my favorite socialites. I even went into Michael Kors, Guess, Armani, and Nordstrom and tried on lots of things and pretended I could buy them. (shhhhhh, secret, I even put a pair of shoes on hold at Coach) I did buy some VInce Camuto shoes a Dillards for, wait for itttttttt, 40$!!!!!! SO exciting.

So, how do I plan on dressing like my Gossipy Dramatic girls? Well I shall tell you.

Serena van der Woodsen—now of course Serena is played by Blake Lively who is super model pretty and has probably the best body ever, but she does have a very cute style. Things to wear: blazers, flowy shirts, boho dresses, flowery sun dresses, wedge heals, black heals, leather jackets, and gladiator sandals


Blair Waldorf—Blair is my favorite. Even though she is scheming and evil, I find her funny and has fabulous taste.  To look like Blair wear: baby doll shirts, tights, bows, flowery dresses, lace, school girl skirts, knee high socks, cute heals, ballet flats, and silky dresses.


Jenny Humphrey—as an aspiring fashion designer, Jenny has so great clothes. To dress like J, wear: private school uniform, tule, lots of tule, thigh high socks, punk rocker hair and makeup, lace, black, and cute jackets


Now you know what will be inspiring my clothes for the next few weeks, what inspires you? Oh and just because i want to dress like S, B, and J, does not mean i will start acting like them.

M ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We're All Thinking About it...Prom

For some reason that I can't quite understand, saying that the event is in like three months, everybody is talking about Prom. What are you going to wear? Do you have a date? NO? You're lame. Where should we take pictures? blah blah blah blah..... Any ways I too have started looking for a prom dress (because my friends are forcing me to go) but I'll probably end up just making my dress because these things are expensive! I don't understand why they expect us to spend 5 billion dollars on a dress we will wear one night and then probably ruin! No matter. These are my findings. My opinion on these findings...varies...dramatically.
Why yes my dress was grown in a pond 
The reason the dodos are extinct? Oh I am wearing it

Ooo I forgot deodorant

I'm an angel (I like this one)

Are you peacocking?

Some day my prince will come (je l'aime beaucoup) 
Egyptian queen!!

DIY: pink towel skirt and spanks shirt 


yeah me and my bf Tod just went paint ballin. lolz

Now for my designs: which one do you think I should make?

left: Anastasia dress
right:twisted candy cane dress
left: boho mullet dress
right: cupcake princess dress

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My favorite pass time—shopping!

I enjoy shopping as much as any girl, well actually probably a lot more than the average girl. I have not gone shopping since december 27th I think, and this is just too too too long. I actually believe I may be diagnosed with shopping withdrawal. So, to compensate for such an atrocity I have been "shopping" online (just looking...kind of...sometimes my credit card comes out and makes a contribution to the party too)
These are some of the things I have found on my online adventures that I find quite fabulous.
Really this is just a list of things I want to buy some day when I am richer and putting it on my blog is just a permanent wish list really.
Bracelet from Betsey Johnson

Earings from Betsey Johnson

necklace from Betsey Johnson

dress from Betsey Johnson

dress from Betsey Johnson

dress from Betsey Johnson

steve Madden

Steve Madden

now these are a little silly but I still like them, from Steve Madden

Irregular Choice, I want to wear these to Prom


Irregular Choice

What are your favorite styles for the upcoming spring?
Also I would love to hear your ideas on Prom styles and what kind of Prom dress I should get or make.

Les Bises!!! xoxoxoxo