Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mary's Fashion Rules

So I have some pretty strict rules for fashion that I follow religiously. My sister (and honestly most people) think that they are a little ridiculous, but I like them.
so, if anyone else would like to follow my rules, here they are.

  1.  Do not wear the same outfit two weeks in a row, I generally say not the same outfit in the same month
  2. In one week, do not wear the same type of outfit more than twice, i.e. you can only wear a dress twice, a skirt twice, or jeans twice
  3. If you wear an outfit on the weekend, like to church, and you only saw your family and did not see people that you go to work or school with, you may wear that outfit again on monday or any other time during the week
  4. the same color schemes may not be worn in sequential days
  5. Black and Brown may only be worn together when it is a light brown and accessories match
  6. gold and silver jewelry may not be worn together
  7. Nail polish must not be chipped EVER! if your nail polish is chipped, just take it off 
  8. i prefer my nailpolish to match my outfit, but it is not necessary
  9. purse SHOULD match outfit
  10. individual pieces may be repeated every other week, but not full outfits
Those are only some of my fashion rules. I will include other rules later

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