Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Its All About the Wrapping.

Have you ever gone down the stairs on Christmas or on your birthday (or any other day with presents involved) and seen that one present that is so beautifully wrapped that you don't even care what is inside, you just want to stare at it? You feel as if it must be the most fabulous gift in the world because why else would someone put that much effort in making it look so fantastic. If you don't know what feeling I am talking about, I suggest you have a chat with your parents and ask them why you didn't have a fulfilled childhood. Well, for those of that do know what I am talking about, this is what I think: you, and I and everyone, are like a present. We are all gifts. But do you want to be a crappily wrapped in 5 seconds present? No! No you do not. You want to be the present that is so incredibly wrapped that you shine above the rest.
What I mean, is that I believe we should all dress in a way that people want to look at and pay attention to us (and when I say "look at" I do not mean goggle at, but in a good way). Here is my example and maybe it will make more sense. We all know that in giving a presentation (notice the word present is in that word?) we are often required, or choose, to dress up--at least at school. but why? It is because the people we are presenting in front of may or may not actually pay attention to a single thing we say, but if we are dressed nicely they are more likely to look at us, and if they are looking they will maybe pay attention and if they pay attention there is a chance they may actually retain something you say! And isn't that the whole reason behind presenting?
Just like the presents under the tree, if you dressed in a way that stands out from the rest, people will see you first and pay attention to you the most--generally speaking.

Today I had a presentation in my Theory of Knowledge class (a very ummm.... interesting class) and this is what I wore.
Green Dress borrowed from my friend, I don't actually know where it is from.
Black pumps by Paprika from Bunny's Shoes in Santa Cruz

My new classes, from Coach, yes they are in fact real (I am practically blind)
I think that when it comes to being a good present and having beautiful wrapping it all depends on the day (just like Christmas versus Birthday, you don't use the same all the time, unless of course your birthday is on Christmas). Since today was a presentation day I went for the professional look. So, I stuck to two colors, black and green. I suggest always doing a neutral and one accent color when trying to look professional. Of course I wore panty hose, because that is just classy--I mean Kate Middleton does it! so should everyone else. I would not wear this on a normal day, but I think for being a presentor I at least attempted to captivate my audience's attention by wrapping my self in a presentable way. 
Try it
Give it a go
see if people pay attention or look at you more if you just dress a little more like a present.

If this made any sense to you, I am so proud. You successfully have decoded the strangeness of how my mind works. Congratulations! I am still trying to work it out.

I love you all, even though I probably don't actually know you and if I do well then...

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