Monday, February 24, 2014

Foxy Loxy

From the youtube sensation "What Does the Fox Say?" to Dolce and Gabanna's Fall/Winter 2014 collection our lives are fully saturated with foxes. I love foxes. Growing up in the mountainous lands of Colorado I had many little fox friends. They are quite remarkable creatures. There was this one in our neighborhood that had a little red ball he would play with. I kid you not, he would play with his little red ball by himself. He would carry it around in his mouth, throw it in the air, chase after it, and repeat for hours in the snow. Right now there is a baby fox, called a kit, that lives behind my mom's studio and comes quite near to her while she works on the patio.
They are curious creatures, playful, and very smart. They are essentially the perfect mix between a cat and a dog. Maybe that's why our society seems to be so into them right now. After years of strife between the cat people and the dog people, we have finally found the perfect medium–an animal we can all like. No longer do we need to split up happy couples, lose precious friends, or have fights with perfect strangers. Too bad they aren't commonly kept as fact I'm not even sure it's 100% legal to keep them as pets. So we will just have to settle with buying merchandise plastered with their curious eyes and mischievous ears.
Like so:

This super fancy designer cape that looks like it came out of a children's book illustration
Dolce & Gabbana FW 2014 collection
This mason jar mug from Paper Source, talk about hipster: mason jar, coffee, and foxes!
Mrs. Fox Mason Jar Mug
This adorable sweater from Ann Taylor that sadly is sold out, but I still want it
Ann Taylor Kissing Fox Sweater
These shoes I got my sister for Christmas, because I'm the best, that just prove how foxy you are
Fox heels from Modcloth
There is a lot more. Go to pretty much any popular store and you are sure to find at least one object with a fox on it. Because they are just so foxy.

Stay foxy my friends

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