Sunday, November 6, 2011

Being a Cupcake

Not all of us are the same. This is obvious. And because we are not all the same it is apparent that we cannot all wear the same things. I will forever live with the knowledge that I will never ever ever look good in skinny jeans and a t-shirt, I'm just to "bobacious" and "voluptuous" as my mother calls it. However to make up for this sad truth I have developed a SOLUTION! We all must create our own personal styles. Life would be so dull if we all looked the same, so we must all be DIFFERENT! A good friend of mine told me while we were shopping in Las Vegas that I am a "cupcake" at first I thought it was being implied that I have muffin tops (always a touchy subject with me) but then it was clarified that I wear clothes that are reminiscent of cupcakes and pastries and yumminess. So yes, I am a cupcake.
Here are my tips on making your own "cupcake"

  1. Find a certain style that you really like. I personally really like clothes from Anthropologie.
  2. Next, because I cannot afford to buy EVERYTHING from Anthropologie I copy the styles and create my own look. 
  3. button sweater from my mom's closet,
    belt from old navy,
    skirt made by me (fabric from old camping bags and an old curtain),
    tights from H&M,
    shoes from Dillards
    I also really like Betsey Johnson (which is very expensive which makes me sad) and this is something I loved that I tried on at the Betsey Johnson store in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas: 

  4. Although I do not wear Anthropologie-ish, or Betsey Johnson, clothes everyday I do try to always try to have the "tone" of the store, because I think it is pretty.
It takes a very long time to develop a personal style. In elementary school I like to wear tulle with everything and layered clothing quite excessively, in middle school I tried the "Aeropostale" look (which I guess worked because I had yet to develop my voluptuousness, but did not fit my personality), and now in High School I am an Anthropologie loving cupcake. 
Other things to take into consideration when developing a style: 
First, analyze your body type. We are not, as I said earlier, all the same. If you have curves (like me) make sure to choose a style that allows you to wear skirts and dresses that accentuate your waist. 
Second, think about your personality. Someone who is obsessed with death and vampires and what not will not look good as a cupcake. However, someone who likes fairy tales and sweet things makes for an excellent cupcake. 
I hope you all take this into consideration and take a while to think, who are you? Are you a cupcake? 


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