Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Time Really is the Best Time of the Year

So if you live in Colorado, like me, you have noticed that it is really, really cold outside, and snowy. Well, I absolutely love winter AND the snow. First because that means that christmas is coming soon and Christmas is the best day of the year, don't even try to argue that it isn't because you will lose. Why is winter so wonderful you may ask? Because the CLOTHES in winter are so wonderful of course! Of course there are some of you who only like summer clothes and shorts and tank tops and what not, but you just don't have very good imaginations. There are so many magical possibilities in winter clothes that you cant achieve in summer clothes. So here are some of the magical, fantastic, fabulous things you can do with your style while tromping through the winter wonderland.

  • Scarves double as extra warmth and super cuteness. I like to wear them with plain shirts to add a little pizzazz and sparkle (well maybe not sparkle, it depends on whether or not your scarf is sparkly)
  • so its cold outside and snowy, and walking in high heals may be a little cold and insensible. Therefore, wear BOOTS. I like all kinds of boots, bigs boots, small boots, furry boots, leather boots, boots, boots, boots, boots!
"Motorcycle boots"
(i love love love these)

Riding boots
"duck boots"
more sorels


  • i like jackets because they are warm and they can be really cute. I like wool and pea coats and plaid generally. 

I have this one (and love it) 

  • I like sweaters. All sweaters. They are warm and comfy and usually cute.


  • I only added this so that I could show off the dress and skirt I made over Thanksgiving break : )

Well I hope you now will be motivated to dress cutely while preparing for the Christmas season. I love you. All of you.

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