Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stitching Across Time

There is something quite amazing about working with your hands. It gives you a certain feeling of accomplishment to create something. It is my opinion that our society today is seriously lacking in the creativity department. It is just so easy to get everything pre made and with out any work on our part. We can call up almost any dining establishment and have a complete meal delivered to our front doors, we can hop online and do all of our research in a matter of seconds, and we can stop by at Target for, oh say a tube of lipstick, and come out with any number of new clothes. How different would it all be if we had to actually work for all of those luxuries? I mean, I know we do work for those things already, we have to make money and what not, but what if we actually had to grow and make all of our meals, actually dig through piles of books to find out information, and sew all of our clothes? It would certainly be a different world. But, in some ways I think we are really missing out. As I said, there is really something amazing about using your hands to create something.

When I was in third grade I taught myself, witch some aid from Mommy, how to sew, and I have sewn ever since. Of course I do love to go shopping and buy made in china clothing, but the clothes I love the most are the ones that I make myself. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I made something that I can actually use, I know that I certainly have a one of a kind, and I save money! Now who wouldn't want that? A crazy person. that's who.

Today I sewed for about 6 hours and made three dress, all before eating lunch. I felt quite accomplished.
I think we should all try to play at creativity a little more often, so that we can all be better, more self reliant people, and also get in touch with our ancestors : )
So, if you are a well seasoned sewer, please check out my latest projects
If you have never tried before, let me be an inspiration to you and maybe, just maybe, you will try it out someday

Just one of my many piles of fabric

I love my Bernina Sewing machine. His name is Berni. He has a sister named Bernadette that is a serger.  

This is Sabine, my dress form. She is a little naked right now, please forgive her, she is french

As with every sewing project, you have to start with some kind of pattern. I started with these two Cynthia Rowley ones, but ended up altering them quite a bit, because well, well because I just don't much like following directions and rules. I make my own rules. 

Hobby Lobby, and I think Michael's and maybe JoAnn Fabrics, has a great deal where every once in a while they have simplicity patterns on sale for one dollar. Please take advantage of this. There is no reason what so ever for you to pay 14-35$ on a pattern. That is just ridiculous. 
Dress 1, a light blue seersucker with lots of pleats on the bodice. If you live in Denver, go to Denver Fabrics. That is an order. They have really great "bargain fabric" that is great fashion fabric for really cheap. I always buy way too much when I am there.

Dress 2, made out of the left over fabric from Mommy's shower curtain fabric (so yes I blend in with my bathroom) and vintage buttons
I did not spend a single dime on anything for this dress. See? Saving money!

Dress 3, fabric from Hobby Lobby, of course on sale, some old, found buttons, and a really cool scalloped maroon zipper that I got at the V&A Museum last year in London (that I have kept for a year not knowing what to use it on and have finally given it a purpose in life!)

Are you inspired? Do you want to get out there and sew now? I hope you do. If you have never sewn before, go to your local Michael's or Hobby Lobby or really any craft and or fabric store and check out their classes. That is a great way to get started. If you don't have a sewing machine, have no fear! If you go to a class, you can use their machines, or you could do it old school and hand sew, although I don't actually recommend that as it can cause you some major hand pain and takes forever. 

I promise you all, that if you take some time and do some work with your hands and actually make something, instead of getting something some little, old, under paid, Chinese woman maid in some factory somewhere that you bought on the Walmart rack half price, you will feel better about your self and about life. That is a guarantee. 


p.s. also if you make more of your clothes you have more money to buy shoes and food : )

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