Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time to take a leap, or should I say a Spring?

Spring is here, finally. It seems as if winter was unbearably long this year, and yet at the same time we barely even had winter this year. Of course, the forecast does show snow for this week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but that is just Colorado for you. I say Spring is here. My garden is starting to show its face and so Spring is here.

I know I say this about just about every season, but I think that Spring is probably  my favorite season. Now why is that? Is it the fact that school is almost done? or that all the flowers are starting to grow? or that I can start to wear dresses without wool tights? I would say all of the above plus a lot more. Now that all of those beautiful spring colors are starting to emerge and we are no longer trapped in a cage of white, brown, grey, black, and "ick", we can start to spice up our wardrobes! At this time of year, when all of the greens, yellows, and blues are nice and dull, as if they are just beginning to come out, it just looks beautiful everywhere. So, why not mimick the great outdoors and become like a wood fairy? I mean…ummm…wear flowers? leaves? okay maybe just wear the colors of early spring and maybe not actually wear spring itself. 
dress from Modcloth
How about some mint green and light pink? You can look like the lovely little buds popping up on the bushes

or become the flowers that are coming up through the still frozen ground

with the lightness of chiffon and cream, you are like the light morning spring air

and of course don't forget the classic florals
and the icy blue morning sky with the touch of a rosy sunrise

and of course, we mustn't forget that Spring is the beginning of sandal season!

Now go outside and get some fresh air and enjoy the delights of Spring!

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