Friday, November 22, 2013

Classic Jackie

Fifty years ago today something very sad happened in this country. Fifty years ago today the 35th president of the United States , John Fitzgerald Kennedy,was assassinated. While sitting in the coffee shop, I look around and realize that probably the majority of the people sitting, enjoying their hot cocoas and conversation are not even aware of the solemnity of this day. No matter what you think of politics, what side of the spectrum you live on, it is undeniable that today is an important day in history and it is sad. When I reminded my dad what today was, he got very quiet and I could see that in his mind he was remember that moment 50 years ago: he was sitting in his second grade class room and the principal got on the loud speaker and the whole school went quiet.
While it is important to remember the importance of the day, as it is with every historical event, and to acknowledge the solemnity of what has happened, it is also important to not dwell on the past. For, as JFK said "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future". Instead of feeling sad and living under the cloud of the past, we should focus on how we can learn from the past for the future. Now, as I am no longer studying the Cold War and as I have no intentions of going into government, I'm not all that interested in what we can learn from JFK's policies and time in office. Rather, I am more interested in what we can learn from the woman on his arm. What can we learn from the beautiful Jackie? The first lady, probably one of the most eminent style icons of the 20th century, seems to have never left her room without looking impeccable. Unlike Marilyn Monroe, the other most important style icon of the time, who liked to do just about everything possible to draw attention–low cut tops, body-forming dresses, posing nude, being blonde, etc.–Jackie did just the opposite. However, it is kind of impossible to not live in the spot light when you are married to the President of the United States. So, Jackie lived a style of being publicly private. What does this mean? Well, as she knew that everywhere she went there would be cameras, she always was dressed to the nines, but she also did certain things to keep herself to herself. Like the big sunglasses, or the scarf wrapped around her head. She also never wore anything too flashy, was consistent, and incredibly modest. This probably made more of an impact than if she had worn skin tight sequined dresses. It gave her an aire of power, classiness, reserve, and modesty that is invaluable in a public figure–especially such an important one. Simplicity is always a good plan. A classic t-shirt and skirt combo with a strand of pearls can make a much bigger statement than the most flashy pair of pants or most daring dress. As long as it is paired with poise, confidence, and fits well.
as pictures can say more than words, let's just take a look at what style tips we can get from Mrs. Kennedy

Understated and beautiful, a true classic.
So instead of dwelling on the sadness of today, let's turn our focus to how we can learn from the past and improve our lives, and our closets.


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