Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Under Your Umbrella

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and I’m sure somewhere an old man is snoring. It seems as if winter has arrived in San Francisco. While not what I am exactly accustomed to, this chilly, grey wetness is a refreshing herald for a new season. I finally can accept the Thanksgiving, and Christmas, decorations up in every store, because it finally feels like we have moved out of August. With this turn over (mmmm a turn over sounds delicious) of seasons comes a universal wardrobe switch. Sure, some of us will continue to wear the exact same thing no matter what the weather is doing. I have a friend back in Colorado who wears cargo shorts every single day. Rain or shine, snow or tornado, 120° or -45°.  I think he is a little insane. And if he ever reads this, which is doubtful, I hope he can forgive me. The rest of us, though, like to mix it up a little. Which means, RAIN COATS! And RAIN BOOTS! And SWEATERS! And UMBRELLAS! And LONG UNDERWEAR!!!!! (I obviously am a little excited about this…)
I have noticed that for some inexplicable reason, some people tend to get a little gloomy when the sky turns grey and the temperature drops. Okay, maybe it’s because it’s like the sky is crying and this makes people feel sad. But really there is no need to be so emotional. Come on people, be happy! Rain means that the earth is getting some much-needed water; it allows things to grow and washes the dirt off of the street. Without rain we would live in a perpetual desert and having grown up in a land that has 100°F days of dryness throughout all of July and August I can tell you that you DO NOT want to live in a desert. Dessert yes, desert no. Plus, cold rainy days are the perfect days to curl up in a blanket, drink hot tea, and read a book. And there is nothing better than that. So, I think that every day should be like this: grey, cold, rainy, and, yes, gloomy. And full of books.
Gene Kelly knows what up, he understands how great the rain is

Why don't we all sing, and dance, in the rain?
While walking to class this afternoon, I saw another reason that people might be upset about this weather. It’s because they don’t know how to dress for it! Seriously, if you’re not gonna wear a rain jacket or carry an umbrella, you’re bound to get wet and cold, which will make you uncomfortable and maybe give you a cold which is certain to make you a little prejudiced towards the rain. But really it’s your fault, not the drops of water hitting your face. Once you are properly outfitted for the environment, you can fully enjoy the wonderfulness of it all. This means wearing a proper rain jacket, probably with something warm underneath, rain boots (to allow for appropriate puddle jumping), gloves, maybe a scarf, and of course, an umbrella.
Let us talk a bit about umbrellas. We have so many options when it comes to this essential accessory. Do you go for a fashionable one? A classic black one? One that you got for free with some off-brand toothpaste logo on it? A clear plastic one? One that attaches to your head with a headband? SO MANY CHOICES! I suggest that you always have a few options handy. Some good basics are these:

A classic black one:

A Fun Fashionable one (maybe with some cats on it...):

An easy collapsible one that is always in your purse. Always:

Once you have your umbrella figured out, you can work on the rest of the outfit. And then you can go out and jump in puddles and get wet and have fun and not have a single worry in the world, because life is good.
My lovely roommate, isn't she adorable? and she loves the rain.
because she is properly outfitted


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