Thursday, February 9, 2012

My favorite pass time—shopping!

I enjoy shopping as much as any girl, well actually probably a lot more than the average girl. I have not gone shopping since december 27th I think, and this is just too too too long. I actually believe I may be diagnosed with shopping withdrawal. So, to compensate for such an atrocity I have been "shopping" online (just looking...kind of...sometimes my credit card comes out and makes a contribution to the party too)
These are some of the things I have found on my online adventures that I find quite fabulous.
Really this is just a list of things I want to buy some day when I am richer and putting it on my blog is just a permanent wish list really.
Bracelet from Betsey Johnson

Earings from Betsey Johnson

necklace from Betsey Johnson

dress from Betsey Johnson

dress from Betsey Johnson

dress from Betsey Johnson

steve Madden

Steve Madden

now these are a little silly but I still like them, from Steve Madden

Irregular Choice, I want to wear these to Prom


Irregular Choice

What are your favorite styles for the upcoming spring?
Also I would love to hear your ideas on Prom styles and what kind of Prom dress I should get or make.

Les Bises!!! xoxoxoxo

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