Sunday, July 29, 2012

San Fran-Cisco!

After two weeks of summer homework doing and two weeks of stressful work doing I am now in sunny (or at least party sunny) California! YAY! Yesterday, My sister, cousin, and friend and I went to San Francisco for a shopping expedition and some sushi. THe store we went to is the reason for this post, it was called "Jeremy's".
 It was amazing. Us small town Colorado girls didn't even know how to handle it. It was kind of like T.J. Maxx or Marshals but for really great designers and fancy stuff, and had much better lighting. When we were there it just so happened to be 80% off all sale items and swim wear. AMAZING! sadly I forgot my camera back in Colorado (stupid stupid Mae) so I cannot show you pictures of what I got, but I will try to find pictures on the magical internet.

First I got a raspberry pink sequin bandeau swimsuit top, like this just pink. Free People swim suit top, originally like $68 or something and i got it for how much? $3.20!!!!!!! HOLY COW

Super Super soft sweatshirt thingy from Alternative Earth for $15 originally $44! I haven't taken it off yet

"We the Free" (sub-line of Free People) cropped vest that ties in the front. I haven't ever worn anything like this before but you know, it was only $1.50 so i just couldn't resist

AND I got  white tiered eyelet highwaisted swimsuit bottoms but i cannot find a picture of them, but they were also $3.20, and are very very cute.

Then! My friend got a St. John pink suede jacket that was originally $1,395, but she got it for, drum role please, $15!!!!!!!!! I also can't find a picture of it, but I'm sure you can imagine the beauty of it

Well, that is about all I want to write right now, I should probs go eat something now

kisses, Mae!

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