Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swingin with the 40's

Dear readers, I have been an awful blogger and have not written anything in over a month. I am very sorry. But now I will begin to write again (hopefully regularly, but I do not promise anything) mostly though I am writing because I don't want to be researching for my Extended Essay (a big evil essay for school). Well, lately I have not been doing anything extremely fashionable, I have been mostly working with kids and staying in a cabin in Idaho, where there is no need to dress up. However, a few weeks ago I did go a WWII ball, where everyone was dressed up in 1940's styles. It was great. So I thought I would share my pictures from the event, and then some of my fav 40's styles with you, you beautiful people. ENJOY!
Me. I got my dress at a vintage store called Boss. It is actually from the 40's! very old.
Me again. the dress has shiny things on the hips. I like that part best.

Me and the girls :)

My friend. Isn't she CUTE???? and very 40's

I love the jackets and hats. I think we should all wear hats. all of the time.

a pattern from the 40's. They have tiny waists. 


You go girls!

Well that is that. If you would like to know how to dress in 40's style in today's world, use these simple guidelines:
  • Reuse old clothes, there were many fabric rations in the 40's due to the war, so everything had to be reused
  • "Wartime Sillhouette" Skirts becam shorter and tighter (but not TOO SHORT OR TOO TIGHT!!!! we don't want any naughty looking 1940's girls) and remember your shoulder pads
  • wooden shoes became popular because of rations on rubber and leather
  • play of the hair. Because clothes had lost some of their fanciness, women would often make their hair the emphasis of the outfit (try curls) and HATS
  • simple, but bold makeup. black eyeliner on the lid and eyelashes, red lipstick and blush or bronzer
  • add accessories, like gloves 
Now  really need to do some research. Stop distracting me. 

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