Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wanted: Spring Weather and Perfect Rain Boots

I know it may still be January (January 20th in the year of our lord 2013) to be precise, but I am starting to get quite anxious for spring. It may be because it hasn't snowed in basically forever or because it was 60° yesterday or maybe because I want the school year to be done and to get on with my life (which is why I am not doing homework right now and instead talking to you lovely people). Well, whatever the reason is, I desperately want it to be spring. So, of course, I have started to snoop around online for those things which I would like to add to my closet for those blessed springy months.
I just got back from New York (more on that later) and while I was there, I found a fantastic sale at C. Wonder  and got an amazingly beautiful trench coat for only $75! I, of course, bought it. It will be perfect for spring and when I move to San Francisco in the fall.
It is a beautiful camel color with a pink, cream, and navy plaid lining. Now, naturally, I am on the hunt for the perfect rain boots. I found them. On Pinterest. Which means, I can't find them in any actual useful website, but I will prevail! I will find them! And when I do I will buy them and we shall be happy and jump in puddles together until the end of our days.
Pink Hunters of course!!!

If you have any information about these lovely boots, please let me know. I absolutely must have them (hehehe my greedy little heart is glowing).

Now I really must get back to my English homework, why do you keep distracting me?! honestly, it is almost as if you want me to fail at life. 

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Now, Heart Of Darkness and my dear friend Joseph Conrad await.


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