Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bombs, Bloomers, and Barbeques

Today is the fourth of July. Yes it is a date. Most days tend to be. This also means that today, being the fourth of July, is Independence day. If you are un aware as to what that means, here is a brief history. In 1776 on July 4th this group of men wrote a really important list of things they find valuable on a piece of paper and signed it. This was called the "Declaration of Independence". They then sent this pice of paper over to the guy on the throne in England and basically told him that they wanted to break up (the colonists wanted to be free from the British crown). And so they all fought for a couple years and in 1783 the independence of the United States was recognized. For more information on this subject you can go back to High School and get an education or watch this very enlightening and education musical    so aptly titled "1776" 
Not only is this a great day in history and in the making of our great nation, but it is also a big day in the world of fashion (the world I tend to spend most of my time in). Sure today we all take this chance to break out our daisy dukes and star spangled bikini tops, but 237 years ago those words weren't even invented yet. So what were those ladies and gents wearing as they liberated our country from the evil brits? (no offense meant to my British friends. I love England. In fact I just got back from England) Now this is actually quite an interesting subject which I could delve into so deeply as to write a large essay on it (oh wait. I already did that, except about the French Revolution) because whether we are aware of it or not, what we wear relates directly to the world around us. Due to the rapid social and political changes of the late 1700s, fashion changed very much in that time. It started with the introduction of the Enlightenment movement and the writings of Voltaire and Rousseau. As the general thought of the populace was changing, their clothes reflected what was going on in their heads. Fashion became a bit simpler and less elaborate. (This may have also had something to do with the growing animosity between classes, but really that is more relevant to the French Revolution)

Now thinking about this, those people, our forefathers and mothers, had to be uncomfortable. I would not fancy walking around in July heat in approximately 10 yards of fabric, not to mention a corset and a wig and a cap. Yuck. It gives a certain amount of respect, even more than they already deserve, to those people who helped liberate our great country. 
During this time there was another great change in fashion. In fact, it is during this time that fashion became the concept of fashion that we understand today–a means of self expression. Because fabric was becoming more accessible and production was becoming simpler and therefore cheaper, it was easier for people to find ways to express their individuality through what they were wearing. This was, of course, essential during a time of political upheaval. Everyone has an opinion, and so everyone chooses different sides, and as we are human and want attention, we have to advertise this information. Today we all get our slogan t-shirts ready with our different buttons, but I much prefer the style of the 1700s. They just created whole dresses color coordinated for what team they were rooting for, including hats, 3 ft hair-dos, and of course embroidered petty-coats. Heaven forbid someone should mistake you for a Tory. 

And my friends in honor of this great day, I say we all ditch the daisy dukes and swimsuits and instead darn complete 1776 musical costumes and celebrate the fact that we are free from the oppression of the corset, I mean the British crown. 

Or just wear the shorts, they're more comfortable any way
And do not forget the red, white, and blue
and of course some sparkles

Happy Independence Day Friends 
God Bless America and God Bless clothes 


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