Monday, July 29, 2013

Are You Kitten Me Right Meow

Happy Monday! In order to set off your week with a smile, look at this ridiculously fat cat
Either you can smile because no matter how bad your troubles may seem, at least you are not a fat cat, or because this feline of grand dimensions makes you chuckle. Either way, I have made your Monday morning a little brighter already, haven't I? (Disclaimer, this cat does not belong to me. While my own cat may certainly be very large, he is a little camera shy at the moment and was reluctant to pose this morning. He is having some self esteem issues that I don't want to aggravate by having strangers smile at his robustness) 

Now on to the business of the day. I did not simply share this cat with you because I take pleasure in seeing his round figure, but because I think we could all learn something from our friends the cats. Have you ever noticed how cats  don't seem to give a single ounce of care as to what others think? Whereas dogs are constantly trying to please their masters, cats just frankly don't give a damn. Why is that? Sure it could have something to do with their selfishness and genetic code, but I like to think it also has something to so with the fact that they are completely comfortable with who they are. A cat doesn't care if other people think it's fat. A cat doesn't care if the neighbors don't like the color of its coat. A cat doesn't care if you were about to sit in the chair it has decided is its new throne. A cat simply doesn't care. So why do we care? Why do we care so much about what other people think about us? It is a little silly to tell you the truth. I mean seriously, everyone is going around worrying about what others are thinking about them that no body actually takes a second to think anything about anybody else. All that precious time worrying gone to waste. You could spend that time thinking positive thoughts about yourself and all those around you. Or thinking about what you should have for lunch. Or thinking about cats. 
On this lovely Monday morning I would like to encourage you all to take a moment and think like a cat. When getting dressed this week, or really doing anything since this topic transcends clothes, please don't give a fig about what others will think about you, but do and put on whatever makes you feel the best and most you-ish. I promise you, if you feel happy, confident, and comfortable in what you are wearing and doing, no one will ever think a bad thought about you (unless of course they feed on the souls of dead fairies and unicorns, and are a bully). 
I feel the most cat like—being the adjective to describe the feeling of total confidence and joy—when I am in something pink, feminine, and completely unique. With at least one bow. 
And of course, in order to have a reminder of why I don't care what others think about me, my cat shoes are a must. 
(Meows the time heels from Modcloth, TeaParty Dress designed and made by yours truly) 

So dear friends, I leave you now with a quest for the week, go forth and find your inner cat. Now drink your Monday coffee and have a fabulous day. 


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