Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Collection From A Dream

"The lunatic, the lover, and the poet,
are of imagination all compact"

While browsing through the collections shown at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (a task assigned to me. In school. Which is awesome.) I was impressed by the craftsmanship of many, the creativity of some, and the inventiveness of a few. However, not many of the collections truly struck me as amazing. This has much to do with my dislike of the 90s as a style reference and my understanding that crop tops only look good on those who posses a precise genetic code or a very strict workout regimen. However, I cannot say that I am completely a Scrooge, because there were a few that did make me crack a smile, not a smirk, a real smile.
One collection that I found quite astounding was Zac Posen’s. Sure, not all of his dresses would look good on everyone, and if we’re being honest, some of them really shouldn’t be worn, but what struck me as amazing was the traditional beauty of the pieces. The dresses, full of ruffles, flowing chiffon, pleats, corseted bodices, and intricate floral patterns, all in shades of lavender, pale pinks and blues, greens, with a few accents of gold and rose red, felt as if they were coming out of a dream. A Midsummer Night’s Dream to be precise. I could just imagine Titania and her crew of fairies dancing around the forest being mischievous in these striking gowns. Yet at the same time, these dresses belong on princesses waltzing with princes until dawn, or on a turn of the century duchess, or on a 1930’s film star.

It is the timelessly classic beauty of these dresses that make them stand out in my mind. Not only that, but the extraordinary craftsmanship–it is evident that a lot of work, hand work, was put into making these, and I have great respect for that. Above all however, what is most remarkable is the amount of imagination that surrounds these pieces like a cloud of dust (the fairy kind). Not only can I see the amount of imagination that Posen put into his work, but after only a moment of looking at the collection my imagination began to run rampant–fairies, princesses, naiads and dryads. When something is imaginative enough to spur my own imagination, and has not already used up all of its potential imagination in the making, that is when it strikes me as an amazing piece of work, that is when I remember it. 


What were your favorite collections from New York Fashion Week? 

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