Monday, September 2, 2013

Sugar and Charm

I have a confession. This may come as a shock. This may be a bit startling. But I hope you can still accept me and love me for who I am.
Sometimes I have fantasies of being a southern belle. 
I just want to wear big hats and live in a big white house and drink big glasses of sweet tea. Sadly though, as I live far away from Louisiana and do not have big hair, nor am I Charlotte La Bouff or even Miss Celia Foote. So until I have those apparent requirements to reach my dream, I will have to compensate. While I can't walk around calling people sugar, as it doesn't sound quite as adorable if you don't have a sweet little twang, I can dress like a character on the stage of my dream life. 
For this particular character my costume consists of a large white sun hat, pink skirt, pink chiffon shirt, a petit pair of heels, and just a touch of beignet sweetness. 

Starring in this show along side me is my cousin, Irene, looking absolutely glowing in a lace backed dress and mint sun hat. 

Until the day comes when I can live on an old plantation with a good southern boy and eat fried chicken for dinner (which will probably never happen) this little game of make believe is a good substitute. 
I shall now depart and leave you with this message. You do not have to be in a Nicholas Sparks book to be a sweet tea drinking cutie. Just put on a big hat, with an even bigger smile.

Just don't attempt to have an accent. That can get offensive. 


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