Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Be Classy Now Ladies

Know what really annoys me? When girls complain about how boys and other girls treat them like they are sluts. But have they ever stopped and looked in the mirror? Maybe the reason people treat them like they are skanky is because they dress that way. I do not mean to sound like a grand mother, but I just have to say that girls these days have lost all sense of class. Now I know it is a big word, five whole letters, wow, but I think that all of us could learn something from this word.
Okay so CLASS. We are going to take this one letter at the time, however we will not be focusing on the last three letters all together because that is one particular part of the body we do not want to see. Now. Let's start with the C—Coverage and Cleavage. We shall Cover our Cleavage. Wearing shirts that show major amounts of cleavage—making you look like you have the grand canyon on your chest—is not okay, really ever. That is of course unless you have minimum boobage and wear dresses like Jennifer Anniston or Kate Winslet on the red carpet. If you wear a shirt that is low cut then wear more conservative, longer, skirt or pants. Next letter L. L is for Length, skirts and shorts should not show any part of your buttocks and shirts should not show your belly. However if you feel like wearing a shorter skirt, then wear a more conservative shirt. A is for Audience. Think about who your Audience is—who is going to see you in your clothes? Having a family dinner you should wear something conservative that shows only an acceptable amount of skin. If you're going to be around a lot of men don't wear something that will temp every man near you to touch you (yuuuuccckkkkkyyyy). But if you're at school or work you can wear something that is a mix of conservative and cute and maybe some sexy (you don't need to dress like a nun). This brings us to our next letters. S and S stand for Sexy and Stylish. Sexy has many meanings but I do not mean the kind of sexy that make men go cookoo. I mean beautiful, classy sexy (since beautiful starts with a b it didn't really fit in the class acronym). Sexy has a sense of mystery behind it, so be a bit mysterious. Don't go showing off all of you goods because then all the mystery is gone, which is sad. A GOOD sexy lady example is Marilyn Monroe. A BAD sexy lady is, I have to say, Kim Kardashian (she just shows a little too much skin to be in the Classy category). Stylish—a classy girl is always up to date with the styles. So you need to do research, read some magazines and look at European styles, and become STYLISH and then you can become CLASSY.
For some good examples of classy women (not all from today) take some tips from these women, my role models:
Audrey Hepburn
Lady Diana
Jacqueline Kennedy
Kate Middleton
Nicole Kidman
Emma Watson (I personally really love her)
Elizabeth Taylor
Natalie Portman
Taylor Swift
Anne Hathaway

I hope this was useful. If not thats okay. And being classy is a life style so make sure to act classy too. But if you don't want to be classy then go straight ahead, but please stop complaining about being called a skank, harlot, tart, ho, Hester Prynne, etc.

Thank You and good night

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