Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Short Post on the School Dress Code Issue

So for any one who goes to school with me and was with me today, you will already know the issue that I have with the school dress code. So today I was wearing a tan jean mini skirt, a pink and purple baby doll t-shirt, a purple cardigan and a pink bandanna tied in a bow as a head band. As I was running to class, thinking I was going to be late, some mean scary teacher guy who walks around the hallways being mean told me that I "need to get that thing off of my head because bandannas are not allowed" well because I was running to class and wouldn't have time to stop in a bathroom and fix my hair I left my headband bandanna on. Well, half way through English Mr. Mean Guy walks in to my class and says that he needs to speak to me in the hallway. He told me that I would have to remove my bandanna or be sent to the principle's office. Really dumb right? yeah.
Well here is my issue with the school dress code. Now I understand that bandannas at some point were gang related, but that was like 10 years ago. Also my bandanna was PINK FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! I looked more like Rosie the Riveter than a gang member. Also as I was walking down the hallway I saw a guy wearing a bright pink shirt with sequins on it that said "I want to see you pea-cock", why is he allowed to wear that shirt and I can't wear my headband?! Also many girls walk around school with their bellies showing, their bras showing, and one girl even wears see through clothes and has a play boy bunny tattoo on her ankle. Boys walk around with their pants around their knees and I'm sure many of them are wearing gang paraphernalia, but I'm not really up to date on what gangs wear so I can't be sure.
So needless to say, I think that the school system needs to re evaluate their dress code. They should also hire a fashion police person because what some people wear these days is just very odd.

I put back on my bandanna the second I walked outside of the school.

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