Monday, February 20, 2012

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl here. Spotted M looking pretty fashionable while doing some retail therapy. But is it possible that she too take tips from B and S?

It is true. I too enjoy watching some mindless TV and my new favorite show is Gossip Girl. The drama, the New Yorkness, the fancyness, the plotting and revenge, and of course the CLOTHES!! Recently I have been trying to fashion my clothes after those of Blair, Serena, and Jenny. Today while shopping I definitely felt like one of my favorite socialites. I even went into Michael Kors, Guess, Armani, and Nordstrom and tried on lots of things and pretended I could buy them. (shhhhhh, secret, I even put a pair of shoes on hold at Coach) I did buy some VInce Camuto shoes a Dillards for, wait for itttttttt, 40$!!!!!! SO exciting.

So, how do I plan on dressing like my Gossipy Dramatic girls? Well I shall tell you.

Serena van der Woodsen—now of course Serena is played by Blake Lively who is super model pretty and has probably the best body ever, but she does have a very cute style. Things to wear: blazers, flowy shirts, boho dresses, flowery sun dresses, wedge heals, black heals, leather jackets, and gladiator sandals


Blair Waldorf—Blair is my favorite. Even though she is scheming and evil, I find her funny and has fabulous taste.  To look like Blair wear: baby doll shirts, tights, bows, flowery dresses, lace, school girl skirts, knee high socks, cute heals, ballet flats, and silky dresses.


Jenny Humphrey—as an aspiring fashion designer, Jenny has so great clothes. To dress like J, wear: private school uniform, tule, lots of tule, thigh high socks, punk rocker hair and makeup, lace, black, and cute jackets


Now you know what will be inspiring my clothes for the next few weeks, what inspires you? Oh and just because i want to dress like S, B, and J, does not mean i will start acting like them.

M ;)

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