Sunday, February 12, 2012

We're All Thinking About it...Prom

For some reason that I can't quite understand, saying that the event is in like three months, everybody is talking about Prom. What are you going to wear? Do you have a date? NO? You're lame. Where should we take pictures? blah blah blah blah..... Any ways I too have started looking for a prom dress (because my friends are forcing me to go) but I'll probably end up just making my dress because these things are expensive! I don't understand why they expect us to spend 5 billion dollars on a dress we will wear one night and then probably ruin! No matter. These are my findings. My opinion on these findings...varies...dramatically.
Why yes my dress was grown in a pond 
The reason the dodos are extinct? Oh I am wearing it

Ooo I forgot deodorant

I'm an angel (I like this one)

Are you peacocking?

Some day my prince will come (je l'aime beaucoup) 
Egyptian queen!!

DIY: pink towel skirt and spanks shirt 


yeah me and my bf Tod just went paint ballin. lolz

Now for my designs: which one do you think I should make?

left: Anastasia dress
right:twisted candy cane dress
left: boho mullet dress
right: cupcake princess dress


  1. I like the Candy Cane dress. It's pretty. :)

  2. I second the candy cane dress

  3. Anastasia dress, Mary!! Show off yo curves :]

    1. It's not as fun to dance in a strapless dress. Constantly pulling it up would get irritating. Plus, I feel like any dress will show off her curves. But I do agree, the Anastasia dress is beautiful.