Saturday, February 25, 2012

Les Françaises, ils sont fabuleux oui?!

Les Françaises, les plus fashionable dans le world. They have always been the best. Clothes wise. In wars and foreign affairs, not so much. Marie-Antionette, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, et cetera (c'est un mot francias aussi!). Shall we look at the histoire de franch fashion? I think oui!

we start avec la renaissance. A time of castles and kings.

tres uncomfortable non? I wouldn't fancy walking around in layers of brocades and boning and wiring and padding and fur and on top of that jewels and gold and other shiny things. Would definitely make going to the bathroom a nuisance .

Now the 17th siècle (century) Just think the Three musketeers and you are set.

Je pense que les men look more girly than the girls do.

Le temps de Marie Antoinette! (Before her head rolled). Big wigs, white powder, corsets, big "paniers" (basket skirts), huge hats, and overall prettiness (but not necessarily comfortable)


Le Premier Empire—the time of Jane Austen, just french style. le Pride et le prejudice! Much softer, thinner, and lighter fabrics. The "Empire Waist" and curly hair and ballet slippers. 

Tres belle si tu veux mon opinion.

La Belle Epoque 1890-1910 ish. la commencement of everything new. S silhouettes, puffy sleeves, corsets, high neck AND low neck.

Les Années Folles!!!!! The twenties, CHANEL (ma favorite), bobbed hair, the little black dress, et pantalons (sacre bleu)!!!!

There is so much more I could tell you about l'histoire française, mais quelle domage, I must now finish my homework. Just remember, the French are the most fashionable people dans le world. Alors, wear black and black and some more black and you might pass off as as fashionable as le french!

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