Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little bit of show off time

Earlier this summer I made a dress, that quite frankly I think is amazing. So, I thought I would share it with all of you lovely people. I altered a pattern, which was quite hard and so I definitely had to start over on some parts. Overall I think it is quite good.
The front view. There is my mommy in the corner. Hi mommy!

The back. I like the bow. bows are great

Bows AND buttons! Two of my favorite things! There is a slight gap next to the buttons to show just a little bit of skin, How scandalous! 

close up on the bodice

Close up on the skirt. It hits me right above my knees

side view. shows off my itty bitty waist : )


Bow. bows are great aren't they?

Well that was my sewing project. In all it took me probably 8 hours and then plus some for buttons and bow.

If you would like to sew and do not know how to yet I would recommend  that you start by taking a class at your local Joann's Fabric or Hancock fabrics, or even Hobby Lobby. Also, most art schools offer night time classes. If you want to teach yourself, you should start off with a simple pattern, and read all of the directions VERY CAREFULLY (it took me all my life, and many ruined projects, to learn that part). Here are some great patterns that are fabulous for beginners:
After you learn the basics you can pretty much do anything, just always check what level of difficulty your pattern is before you buy it. Also a few tips:
  • You can buy really cheap simplicity and mccall patterns at most fabric stores because about once a month that have like $1 sales, so buy then and make later!
  • Hobby Lobby (if you have that store it is amazing) has an online 40% off coupon I think every week or so, just look on their website. they also generally have great sales on everything.
  • If you want to buy quiliting fabrics(simple cottons with cute patterns) go to hobby Lobby or Michaels
  • If you want to buy fancier fabric (silks, satins, andything really better than cotton) you should go to Joann's, Hancocks, or any local speciality fabric store (in Denver my favorite is Denver Fabrics and Fancy Tiger fabrics) 
  • do not try to make up your own pattern until you have been instructed how to or are willing to take a big risk and maybe waist a lot of time and money

Well there is my two cents, I hope you use it wisely. 


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