Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My new favorite shoes

 I, just like most females, am a lover of shoes. I just cannot resist the lure of a shoe store, or website, or catalogue. Recently I have acquired quite a few new pairs to my already quite gargantuan collection. I thought I would share one of my favorite new pairs with you and tell you exactly why they are so great, other than the fact that they are shoes and thus are already quite high on the greatness scale.

These particular shoes, heels, are from a store on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz and are by Chelsea Crew. My sister and I can be seen here modeling them. I am on the right and Nan, my sis, is on the right, sporting our favorite colors that go perfectly with our styles.

The reasons I love these heels so much:
  1. They had a variety of colors, so you could get them in what ever style/ color that you fancy the most. My sister, Nan, is quite wacky and fun and is a school teacher, so she go the red and turquoise ones. While I am a little more subtle in my colors and am more prone to be found in the library than at a party, so I went with the grey ones (also grey goes with practically everything!)
  2. you can change the ribbons! how great is that? i plan on getting some light pink and white polka dotted ones
  3. the heel is low enough for them to be quite comfortable and yet still kinda sassy
  4. they have that real cute turn up toe that makes them kind of unique looking
  5. they are surprisingly sexy, even though they are very modest...you know...for your feet 
  6. they were only $57! which I know to some people may sound like a lot, but compared to some other shoes I have gotten...
if you like these shoes and would like to get them for yourself, I competely understand (I might even go order all the other colors), follow these links:

now that I have talked about these shoes, I think I will wear them tomorrow (I have an interview! EEK!) 
Well goodnight and much love

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