Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have one big fat question. Why is it that males are scared of fashion? Scared of clothes, stores, shoes, all of it. Of course not all men. But most men. At least most American men. I have never seen this problem while in Europe. I mean really, is it really that hard for guys to find nice clothes that make them look really good and attractive? I think it would just be terrific if all guys dress nice and well, frankly, like European men. I shall now share what I think guys should wear when going out. Of course they can wear whatever they want when at home or "with the guys", but when in the presence of females, this is what they ought to have on.

A good jacket/ blazer

A good ol' button up shirt, any kind, i just like this model

bow tie/ tie any color any pattern. just as long as it doesn't clash

pants. please wear pants. good looking pants. no sagging (YUCK BUTTS!) 
but also not too high or too tight. 

I'm kinda bored of finding individual pictures, so here are just some guys that I think look very sharp. and most of them attractive. 


don't they just look smashing? even the old guy in the back.

a little too hipster, but i still think he is adorable.

first off, those eyes. second, i love hats on guys!

I like vests too.

and I think every man, true man, should own a pair of these.

Now ladies, who could resist a boy dressed in that stuff? let us all help dress our men so that they look presentable to the outside world.


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  1. Oh gosh, I agree on everything that you wrote!
    Even though I've a special spot for menswear, I love seeing a good dressed man, even if he's not the most handsome guy in the room: actually I tend to be interested first by what one is wearing and then looking at his face/body. I'm Italian, and yes, european guys are bound to be more well dressed then american's ones, but even here there is more then a couple of peter pan man who want to wear only t-shirt and jeans.
    I think it's a little bit of colture for us european: usually before 18y or even older, the shopping of most man is done my his mother with gifts by his sister/girlfriend, so for 18y (or longer) most boys don't decide what to wear but just follow what his mother gives to him and after so many years they pic up what to do (more and less). Plus for party/cerimonies and such, since they start to walk (and not kidding, sometimes before that age, if you check a shop called 'Il Gufo' there are such cute 'grown up' outfits that I'm already planning for my imaginary and future son XD) the boy know that they can go out in nothing but a shirt. Just like us girl 'you go to a party=dress'.
    So I think for the european guys it's just a fact of 'unspoken rule' that comes from the previous generation: in america, this way of 'passing sensible and fashionable' taste from the parents is still new, or at last for the boys.

    Give it a little time. After a decade or five, I'm sure this wall between European/American will be thinner and thinner.