Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking it Personally

No I do not mean getting emotional about stuff. Emotions are for the weak.
I kid.
No, I would like to talk about personalizing your space. First, however, let me back up. Last Tuesday my Papa and I hopped into our mini cooper (named the oyster cracker) along with almost all of my earthly possessions and headed off on a road trip to CALIFORNIA!

a visual. 
After a week of driving, visiting family, stopping at every beach and taking pictures, we arrived at my new home. The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. A lovely city.
So then came the job of moving me into my new digs, something I have been dreading for essentially my whole life. It's hard moving into a place like a dorm because you want to make it comfortable, to feel like home, and to be very personalized. Yet you are so constricted. You can't paint the walls, you have to share the room (usually), and you don't exactly have the resources to recreate a beautiful Restoration Hardware display.  How in the name of cheesy tacos am I supposed to do this???? While my new dorm, an old hotel on Sutter St. in San Fran, may not exactly feel like my hobbit hole in the hills of Colorado, I certainly feel like I will be able to find a home in it. I have personalized my top floor room in every aspect from the princess magnets on my mini-fridge to the stuffed doll of Mr. Darcy (the character, not my cat) on my bed.
my bed (pottery barn duvet cover and Tommy Hilfiger sheets)
and a square cubby bed side table and shelf unit from Bed, Bath and Beyond, pink of course 
My desk/drafting table and the beginnings of my "Inspiration Wall" consisting of old cards,
vintage Barbie sketches, and Audrey Hepbrun pictures. 

Of course my book collection. How else would I feel like home?
And my two best friends. Mr Darcy (so much better in doll form) and Peachy

It’s amazing how just adding a few little personal touches can make a plain room turn from just an old hotel room to a place that feels warm, cozy, and like home. Go ahead, give it a try.


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