Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just Kitten Around

Tonight I am taking a step out of my pink and pearls comfort zone and leaping into the world of gray, animal print, suede, and rayon. The new frontier! This expanding of horizons is the first step in this new adventure of mine—becoming a grown up...dun dun dunnnnnn
While I think it is very important to define your style and stick to it and all that jazz, I also think that it is beneficial to expand your comfort zone and try new things. As long as you still stay true to yourself of course. I mean what would have happened if Alice had not tried something new and not gone down the rabbit hole? We would have missed one of the best stories in English literature. But what makes it so great is that in the end she returns to who she is/was...whatever. 
So while this may not exactly be my usual style, I mean no bows? really? At least I have stuck true to my inner crazy cat lady.

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