Thursday, August 15, 2013


Happy Birthday Jennifer Lawrence! That's right ladies and gents, today our favorite funny, sexy, intense, beautiful actress turns 23. Can you believe it? 23! And she's already been in 11 movies–with 6 more coming out soon–and 6 TV shows. Not to mention she is the youngest person ever to have been nominated for 2 oscars, winning one of them. She is simply amazing. Let us examine the reasons why.
1) Her impecable style
Jen's Street Style

Jen at the Dior Fall 2012 Fashion Show in Paris, France

Gosh, she even looks fabulous while traveling

In Dior at the Hunger Games Catching Fire Premiere in Cannes, France

Wow. She is hot.
 2) Her Beautiful Face in the Dior Campaign
Dior Fall 13 Ad
3) Her Vogue September Spread (and Cover girl)

Taken from

Taken from
But perhaps the reason we all like her so much has more to do with her personality than how she looks (not denying the fact that she is simply stunning). Seriously though, I can't think of any other celebrity with as much wit and carefree humor as the Hunger Games star.

Not only is she hilarious, but she is also incredibly kind and involved in her community. She is right now working with a charity called Bellewood Home for Children for underprivileged children.
Watch this short video to learn more:

More so than anything above , I think the reason that Jennifer Lawrence is so universally liked is the fact that she is a real person. She makes mistakes, like tripping on stairs, she makes ugly faces, she is funny, she likes food, she has a normal body, and she wants to be left alone as much as the average Joe. She is, wait for iiiiiittttttt...a normal human being (other than the fact that she has amazing acting abilities and makes more than most of us could imagine in a lifetime, let alone a year). She doesn't let her entire life end up on the shelves at the check out line in the grocery store. Other than a few odd facts–like that she loves glass doors and windows–J Law has kept her life rather anonymous. Which is quite refreshing. It gives the illusion that her life is not so out of control, corrupted, and weird that the paparazzi is drawn to it like flies to a rotten banana. So then we think, "wow, she must be a really good, down to earth, serious actor", unlike many others, *cough cough* Miley Cyrus (speaking of which, are she an Liam still together? because that needs to end. now. he is mine). I think she could be an inspiration to us all. Jennifer Lawrence, not Miley Cyrus. Next time you think, "hmmmm, I want attention. I think I'll just tell everyone every detail about my life." Stop. Drop. WWJLD? I don't think Jen would blab every detail about her date/trip to the bathroom/shopping spree, so you probably shouldn't either. There is something to be said about the power of anonymity. If you leave parts of the story out, people will be intrigued and want to know more. When an author tells us every little thing and doesn't leave anything up to the imagination, we get bored and put the book down. But when there is a bit of mystery, like why on earth did Delores Umbridge not die?, we are far more interested to read more.
So, whether or not you are a big screen actress, a librarian, homeless man, store checker, average high schooler, etc, I encourage you to keep your life out of the presses–even if those presses happen to be Facebook and Twitter. People will probably like you more. Which is the point, right?

Here's to you Jennifer Lawrence, may you live long and prosper, you are an inspiration to us all.


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