Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jolly Old London

As you know, well you might not know actually, but I was in London for 7 days for spring break. It was absolutely the bees knees. Well while I was there I noticed how totally different London is from my little town of Golden, CO. It is even extraordinarily different from Denver. Maybe it is a little like New York, but in my opinion even BETTER—it really is possible apparently to find something better than New York. SO, among the many things that separate us and our friends across the pond are fast transportation underground that makes you feel like a mole, drinking tea in the afternoon (and morning and mid day and night time and really any time) is a must, they really do say "darling" and "love" and "blimey" and "toilet"(not restroom or bathroom, ever!), everyone has a british accent, except for fellow tourists, and they are the cheesy fake type accents, and of course, they all dress better than us yanks! (especially the men, dear lord why can't American men dress like European men?)
So, let me begin my chat on British styles

Pastels. When I was packing my bags for my trip I thought everyone would be wearing black and grey and black and maybe some more black. Well how wrong was I? of course they probably do wear black and black during winter, but when I was there it was 70 degrees (Fahrenheit of course) every day and sunny (very strange for London btw). Anyways, every where it was pastels, pastels, and more pastels! pastel blue! pastel pink! pastel purple! pastel yellow! pastel white! (yes that is possible) shall we take a look at some of these pastels? I think yes  
    (Pastel) Styles from Zara, a British clothing company
    I happened to buy a pair of pastel pink pants at Zara
Lace. At least on the teen girl styles, everything had lace on it. Very pretty and very feminine. I like a lot. J'aime beaucoup the lace.  
A lace dress from Miss Selfridge,
a fabulous, fabulous store kind of like Forever 21 but
WAY WAY better (and much more expensive)
Layers. Okay well maybe this picture is a bit of an exaggeration, but still layering is quite the style in London. 
This is an ad for a European company called the "French Connection"
which has quite cool ads, and cloths, you should look them up

Ruffle Socks. I like ruffle socks. Brits like ruffle socks too. I bought 6 pairs. YAY
so cute! right?

Hats. Well, after the Royal Wedding I guess there was no question whether or not hats are IN style in the UK. But boy oh boy do they have quite amazing hats.
you just can't talk about the British without at least mentioning the Queen!
Isn't she adorable?

Now you know exactly how to dress like you just stepped off the plane from the UK right? Well if not here are some websites for British stores (you might not actually be able to buy anything from them but might as well look) and just remember you can NEVER be TOO stylish, because I am a pretty stylish girl (not to be too modest or anything) and in London I felt pretty drab sometimes. So take a look. Have fun. 
Top Shop

I know I had something else to talk about but I forgot... oh yeah!!  I bought a prom dress! want to see it? of course you do!!
well here it is ( i left it in link form so it is a surprise, don't you just love surprises, i know i do!)

Tata for now mates!


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  5. Wouldn't mind 7 days in London as this is the best time of year to visit the city. Hope u enjoyed it.