Sunday, April 15, 2012

TODAY. is a great day.

This week is going to be awful. Just awful. So, in order to brighten my spirits (without actually drinking any spirits) I have decided to wear a really cute outfit everyday, and if I have time, post a picture here. I started today, even though today actually isn't one of my awful days because it is Sunday and Sunday can never be truly awful.
Black Beret
Black baby doll chiffon shirt from Forever 21
Long pearls
Pink pants from Zara
Black Bow belt from H&M
white ruffle socks from H&M
black heels from I don't know
Black ruffly jacket
Sorry if you cannot see the details very well,
I was going to be late for church and didn't have time for  a better photo
Close up on my feet. There are black bows on the back of my shoes : )

All though I only wore this outfit for like 2 hours, for church and brunch, it still counts as today's cute outfit because I don't want to post a picture of what I am currently wearing (huge sweatpants and a huge sweater and slippers)

Well that is it for today. I must now crack down on my homework or I risk failing chemistry which means my life will be over.



  1. Lovely outfit, I also like to wear beautiful clothes to make the weather and my mood get better.

    Have a great week,
    Manu Luize.

  2. cool outfit i love your shoes

  3. great pants and shoes!