Monday, April 30, 2012

SHORTS! oh those fickle things...

Summer has arrived here in Colorado (well at least for today, we never can be sure with our weather) and all my fellow High School girls have broken out the shorts.  Now there are all types of shorts, short shorts, Bermuda shorts, high wasted shorts, mid thigh shorts, up the butt shorts, yeah you get it. Well what kind of shorts should you, and I, wear? To short or not to short? That is the question. I personally do not look very good in shorts (too much booty and not enough leg) but I hold a high respect for those of you who do have nice legs and can wear those summer pant replacers. Well, shall we take a look at some shorts, good and bad? I think yes.
I love these ones. Perfect for looking nice-ish in the Summer, but not dressed up. AND the perfect length

Ver cute. I love the stripes, but i would prefer them high wasted

while these are very cute, and lace is very "in" please do not wear them in public, as everything about you will be very public if you do

i like these. high wasted and baggy. 

too short. DO NOT wear these.

ahhhh, high wasted and with bows or lace! Perfect for a sweet look.

Unless you are a major hick, have stick thin legs, no butt, and are planning on doing some very naughty things, please do not wear these.

And Finally my favorito! the sailor short! I like these because they work with my curves ;) and they work on those of you with less booty than I have too! perf!

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Also, if you disagree with my taste in shorts, I support your opinions, but please do not be rude about it in the comment area, because this Blog is a place for neutrality. Like Belgium. or Switzerland. 

Have a fabulous day/night/week/life
Hasta Lasagna! Don't get it on ya! 


  1. Mary,
    I secretly stalk everything you post! You know me, but not really.... But I love this!!!
    -Secret Admirer!

    1. I am creeped out and sincerely flattered ;)

  2. I love the lace shorts!!

  3. I Love the Sailor shorts too!
    I'm following you now!
    Check out my blog too if you like:)

  4. i love the frist two options.. but i have to admit i´m more off a cut out denim shorts also!