Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last Night

I am sore, tired, look like a car wreck, have a headache like athena is banging the inside of my head, and woke up at 1 pm. Yep, last night was prom. It was so very fun but of course my favorite part was the dresses (and the food, especially the chocolate fountain at after prom). There were some absolutely BEAUTIFUL dresses and some AWFUL dresses. I am posting some pictures of my friends and I, because we were all beautiful, but it would be a little awkward to post pictures of the awful dresses because I don't take pictures of people I don't know at school...I might get beat up.
bffs! the princesses and the goddess

(from left to right) sparkles, goddess, fairy, princesses, hawii

we had a whole array of dresses from high-low dresses to princess dresses

and as for the boys...well although it seems like boy styles never change, I would just suggest you try to stay away from the creepy old man type white suits... but otherwise they looked quite smashing!

A word of advice for future prom goers:

  1. Going with friends, instead of a date, is a lot of fun. However, during slow dances you may feel a bit awkward and have to pull a Luna Lovegood (spinning in circles in the middle of the dance floor with your arms above your head by yourself)
  2. After Prom is a lot more fun than prom prom 
  3. chocolate fountains are delicious
  4. lingerie tape is your new best friend 
  5. hair spray is fabulous (but of course all of us girls know that)
  6. "you are beautiful" and "i love your dress" will be said more times than you can count in those 3-5 hours, maybe try to come up with some more original adjectives like maybe appealing, comely,  or pulchritudinous 
  7. although purple and lime green cheetah and zebra print dresses may be in style now, what do you think your children will think when they see your prom pictures in 20 years?
  8. keep it classy, don't drink before prom (that is just dumb), don't drink after prom (that is dumb too), and have FUN
Asta lasagna don't get it on ya!


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